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Website translation, also known as website localization, involves translating the various parts of a website, including the content of web pages (HTML documents), menus (main menus, submenus, footers, etc.), navigation tools (buttons, scripts, etc.), graphics and advertising.

Website translation requires the same skills as translating financial, business, technical or any other documents, with the added need to maintain the features that are specific to the Internet (meta elements, tags, hyperlinks, etc.).

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Website localization

Web pages usually contain meta elements (title, description, keywords, etc.) for listings, photos, graphics and other media, often enriched with attributes (ALT and TITLE) describing the content. These elements, although hidden in the source code, are essential if a page is to be listed correctly and have to be translated. Our translation experts are trained in website localization and translate all the content, meta elements and tags defining the objects on the page.

The translated elements are then restored for optimal integration by webmasters, clearly separating HTML texts from navigation tools (menus, buttons, etc.) or descriptions of multimedia content.

Some blocks of texts can be repeated on every page. This is often the case with menus, footers, headers and promotional slogans. Bilis Traduction counts and translates these texts just once to remove the repetitions that might be seen if each page was translated individually.

Website localization is a highly specialized form of translating Internet documents. It employs specific translation techniques and requires a sound understanding of how web pages are written. Web pages are read in a very different way to standard documents. And so the translation has to respect the standards and practices in use in multimedia production if it is to be effective. Our translators concentrate first on understanding the aims and objectives of the website in order to convey the messages and services for the user as accurately as possible.

By entrusting your website translations to Bilis Traduction, you ensure that your web pages are translated to the highest quality guaranteed.

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