Legal translation

bulle juridique

Bilis Traduction provides specialist translations for the legal sector.

Our expertise covers everything from contracts, calls for tender, articles of association and shareholders agreements to court rulings. Our experts in sworn legal translation can meet all your legal translation needs.

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We regularly translate a wide range of legal documents, including:

  • Administrative documents
  • All documents certified true to the original
  • Articles of association and shareholders agreements
  • Bailiff deeds
  • Calls for tender and official notices
  • Deeds of incorporation, sale and transfer
  • Notarial instruments
  • Patents and intellectual property
  • Rulings, orders and summons

Legal translation

Legal translation requires translators to have legal knowledge and skills (former lawyers, jurists, employees of legal departments, etc.). Two of the most important aspects of legal translation are understanding the source text and complying with current regulation. Solid legal expertise is the foundation for any good translation. That's why BILIS TRADUCTION has formed a team of translators specializing in legal translation, all of whom have significant experience of the legal sector. By entrusting your legal translations to BILIS TRADUCTION, you ensure that your legal documents are translated to the highest quality. Request a free quote to estimate the cost of translating your financial documents.

Certified translation

A "certified" or "sworn" translation is an officially recognized document provided by a certified or sworn translator. The translation bears the statement "certified true translation of the original document", as well as the date, stamp and signature of the sworn translator. The translation is thus "certified". Only a sworn translator can certify translations by affixing their stamp and signature on the translation and original to show ne varietur that the translation is a true copy of the original.

Sworn translators

Sworn translators assist the legal system. They are court officers appointed by a legal jurisdiction who have sworn an oath. "Expert translator and/or interpreter appointed by the Court of Appeal of..." is a role, with translator or interpreter being the profession. In France, the texts regulating the role of court-appointed expert are Law 2004_130 and Decree 2004_1463. Those people who are included on one of the lists established by Article 2 of Law 2004_130 may only claim expert status with the wording: "expert accredited by the Court of Cassation" or "expert appointed by the Court of Appeal of..." This may be followed by details of the expert's specialist field.

Request a free quote to estimate the cost of translating your legal documents.

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