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Bilis Traduction has developed particular expertise in translating business documents.

Sales and marketing documents are designed to convince and persuade. The style used in business translation is very different from the one used in financial or technical translation. Similar to website translation for companies, business documents are translated by professionals with extensive experience in sales and marketing. With their background in advertising agencies or marketing departments, our business translation experts bring genuine added value to translated documents.

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Expressions intended to have a certain effect on a French-speaking readership can have an entirely different meaning for readers of English, German or any other language. Marketing requires absolute fluency in the language because the words used have to resonate with the audience, reflecting its language and culture. As well as providing information and increasing understanding, sales and marketing documents should prompt actions or decisions by the recipient, generating interest in your project or company.

Translating business documents isn't for novices! Bilis Traduction, the expert in translating professional documents, uses translators specializing in finance, sales, marketing and communication for your business translation needs.

Examples of the business documents translated by Bilis Traduction:

  • Leaflets, flyers and brochures
  • Marketing studies, market surveys and research
  • Business plans and sales brochures
  • Company magazines, newsletters and other publications
  • Product packaging and labelling
  • Job descriptions and human resources presentations

Business documents are carefully written to influence the recipients, and translations by Bilis Traduction are too. Every word and expression is chosen with the utmost care to convey the business message intended by the source document. We translate business, sales and marketing documents into all languages, including between:

  • French - English
  • German - French
  • Spanish - English
  • French - Spanish
  • Chinese – French
  • Chinese – English
  • English - Italian
  • Portuguese - German
  • Arabic - French
  • Czech, Finnish, Dutch, Greek etc.

All translations provided by Bilis Traduction follow a strict Quality Charter, ensuring that the meaning of your documents is accurately conveyed and that the translation is as natural as the original.

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