Translation services

Financial translation

bulle finance

Our translation agency provides specialist translations for the economic and financial sector.

Our expertise covers financial analyses, studies and audits, accounting information as well as statements of financial position. Our economic and financialtranslation experts manage all your translation needs from start to finish.

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Business translation (sales and marketing)

bulle commerce

Bilis Traduction has developed particular expertise in translating business documents.

Sales and marketing documents are designed to convince and persuade. The style used in business translation is very different from the one used in financial or technical translation. Similar to website translation for companies, business documents are translated by professionals with extensive experience in sales and marketing. With their background in advertising agencies or marketing departments, our business translation experts bring genuine added value to translated documents.

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Legal translation

bulle juridique

Bilis Traduction provides specialist translations for the legal sector.

Our expertise covers everything from contracts, calls for tender, articles of association and shareholders agreements to court rulings. Our experts in sworn legal translation can meet all your legal translation needs.

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Website translation and localization

bulle web

Website translation, also known as website localization, involves translating the various parts of a website, including the content of web pages (HTML documents), menus (main menus, submenus, footers, etc.), navigation tools (buttons, scripts, etc.), graphics and advertising.

Website translation requires the same skills as translating financial, business, technical or any other documents, with the added need to maintain the features that are specific to the Internet (meta elements, tags, hyperlinks, etc.).

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Technical translation

bulle technique

Our network of over 600 professional and specialist translators means that we can provide technical translations in all areas.

  • Agriculture
  • Business and management
  • Consumer goods and retail
  • Economics and finance
  • Education and training
  • Health, medical, paramedical and pharmaceutical
  • Industry: motoring, aerospace, agri-food, construction, etc.
  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Transport

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Translated languages

Our translators are able to translates documents from and to the following languages :

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