Top 5 Wordpress plug-ins for creating multilingual sites.

You don't have the budget to hire a translation agency to do a professional translation of your entire website or blog? Your corporate website is not intended to sell products, but you want to show your international targets your interest in them? Here is our Top 5 list of the best WordPress plug-ins that will allow you to make your site multilingual in just a few clicks!



Why create a multilingual website?

A study by the European Commission reveals that 9 out of 10 Internet users in the EU prefer to visit a site in their own language when the option is available. 42% never buy products from sites that are not in their native language.

Having a multilingual website allows you to communicate directly in the language of your target audience and thus reassure them. This allows you to increase the number of prospects by allowing more of your target audience to understand your offer. You increase sales substantially; some studies even mention a 100% increase in sales for each new language integrated into an e-commerce site! As for the SEO, translating all your content will help the positioning of your site in search engines.

Top 5 best plug-ins for creating a multilingual WordPress site

Thanks to its structure and its extensions, WordPress makes it easy to manage multilingual websites, so why not go for it? In order to turn your WordPress site into a real multilingual site with a “language switcher” option, choose the plug-in that best meets your expectations and requirements. Here is our selection of the 5 best WordPress translation plug-ins.

#1 - WPML

Plugin Wordpress WPML
Undoubtedly the most used plug-in to make multilingual sites or blogs; there are some 400,000 sites that use it.

The pros:

  • one of the oldest applications, tried and tested
  • a reliable solution with clean code!

The cons:

  • A little more complicated to use than some of its competitors.
  • paid plug-in with no free trial.
This multilingual WordPress plug-in offers over 40 languages by default. The language editor also allows you to add variants of each language (such as Canadian French or Mexican Spanish). Different linguistic content can be managed in the one domain (in language directories), in sub-domains or in completely different domains. It has a number of advantageous features for managing and optimizing translations: translation management dashboard, workflow queues, and a side-by-side translation editor. . Learn more at:

#2 - Polylang

Plugin Wordpress Polylang
Polylang is a French challenger. Already 9 years old, it boasts more than 100,000 active installations. With this WordPress translation plug-in, you write your pages in your native language (articles, pages, files, media, widgets, labels, etc.) and then you define the language from among more than 25 proposed.

Here too, the language is defined by the content or language code in the URL, or you can use a different subdomain or domain per language.

The free version of the Polylang plug-in may be enough, but if not, many extensions and a pro licence are also available. Learn more at:

#3 - Weglot Translate

Plugin Wordpress WEGLOT
Free of charge for sites with less than 2,000 words, WeGlot Translate includes automatic translation for more than 60 languages. With its real-time, SEO-optimized translations, it also enables professional translations to be integrated. In reality, proofreading / optimizing translation is often even necessary. It’s an initial translation which saves you time before you perfect the translation needed to break into new markets.

The technology is different because the translated versions are managed directly in the WeGlot platform and not through WordPress. Learn more at:

#4 - MultilingualPress

Plugin Wordpress MultilingualPress
MultilingualPress is a free plug-in allowing for multi-site management. However, its support is reserved for clients with paid access. Fully designed for WordPress, this plug-in allows you to automatically translate content, without even having to change sites. Need to add a new language? Nothing could be easier! Just copy it in the subsite and define the new language. Plus :

#5 - Google Website Translator

Plugin Wordpress Google Website Translator
Based on Google Translate, this plug-in allows you to translate your website into more than 100 languages. Easy to install, Google Website Translator offers a number of customization options (design, style, alignment, etc.). Learn more at:

With these free WordPress plug-ins, gaining access to new international markets and taking advantage of growth opportunities is a possibility for a number of companies. However, make sure to verify the quality of these translations, as you are not often able to control them yourself. Even though the quality is continuing to improve, machine translations are still no replacement for human translators:
  • translation comprehensibility,
  • attention to subtleties,
  • plays on words,
  • cultural adaptations,
  • adhering to the brands editorial charter...
These plug-ins for creating multilingual sites can be a great help and a lever towards new horizons. The support of a professional translator will allow you to strengthen the messages you send to your new target audience.