What defines a technical translation?

Technical translation


In the field of translation, there is, of course, no "standard" document. This necessarily results in technical translators with different profiles, diverse and targeted skills and who do not always have the same initial training. That's enough to lose the general public. Because while we can easily differentiate between a literary translation and a technical translation, there is a plethora of these so-called "technical" translations! Due to the technical nature of their content, these translations require special attention. The stakes can be high and the quality of the translation is critical. But, in concrete terms, how do I know if I need to use a specialized translation agency for my translation? What are the specificities of a so-called "technical" document?

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Top 5 Wordpress plug-ins for creating multilingual sites.

You don't have the budget to hire a translation agency to do a professional translation of your entire website or blog? Your corporate website is not intended to sell products, but you want to show your international targets your interest in them? Here is our Top 5 list of the best WordPress plug-ins that will allow you to make your site multilingual in just a few clicks!

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